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Garage Door Overheads

Large selection of overheads

An overhead garage door has panels hinged together which allow it to go up and down the tracks as it opens and closes. Overhead garage doors are generally used today and have replaced the traditional swing-out garage doors. There are three main types of overhead garage doors: tilt-up units, roll-up doors and sectional units.

- A tilt-up unit is the oldest type of overhead which is made up of a single panel that is lifted up into the track.
- A roll-up door is made up of small panels joined together to form one large unit. When opened, it rolls up into a tight coil.
- Sectional units are the most popular of the three. They are available in a range of styles and designs. A sectional unit is made up of three or four panels joined together with hinges. It also rolls up into a coil when opened.

All of these units can be manually operated with a track system or automatically operated with a remote control. Overhead garage doors can be constructed in steel, wood, aluminum, fiberglass and more. The professionals at NYC Garage Doors are licensed and experienced in the installation, repair and maintenance of overheads. Allow us to help you choose a model that is right for you!

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