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Garage Door Repair

We fix any broken garage door!

Our NYC Garage Door professionals are skilled in the repair of garage doors. We do major and minor repairs for residential and commercial properties. If your garage door is damaged, your safety and the security of your belongings could be at risk. It is also dangerous because the garage door could collapse. Fortunately, our technicians can assess the problem then solve it.

Broken Garage Door Springs

The most common repair for garage doors is Broken Garage Door Springs. Garage Door Springs are subject to breakage because of the constant use of the garage door. This causes it to wear out and break. Also, weather conditions cause the springs to rust. However, one of our specialists can replace your broken garage door springs with new and durable springs.

Worn Ou Rolelrs

If the rollers on your garage door are worn out, do not ignore it! Worn out rollers can cause the door to go off track which can damage the track and the garage door. Therefore, they need to be replaced immediately.

Torn/Broken Garage Door Cable

Torn or broken garage door cables are also dangerous because it can result in the collapse of the garage door. Considering the fact that garage doors weigh a ton, that is not something you want to happen.

Stuck/ Off-Track Garaeg Door

Stuck or off-track garage doors are a very serious issue. You need to hire a professional to take of the problem and not attempt to fix it yourself. If your garage door is in this condition, do not attempt to open or close it either. The garage door could fall on you or your car, resulting in serious injuries.

NYC Garage Doors provide same-day service for the common garage door problems:
• Replace broken springs on garage door
• Replace bent, rusted or misaligned garage door tracks
• Fix stuck garage door
• Replace torn or broken garage door cables
• Panels and Sections Replacement
• Silence squeaky garage door noises when opened/closed
• Repair bent or broken rollers Seek the help of one of the qualified technicians at NYC Garage Door for your garage door repair!

Our professional garage doors company is properly licensed, bonded and insured. Contact Us or Call 866-615-0569 for more information about garage doors repair services & estimates.